Xbox 360 users can now back up to the "cloud"

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Since the arrival of consoles with hard drive, players are used to store the backups on the console. It took several years before Microsoft offers an online backup directly to the Xbox 360. This capability was announced by Microsoft at E3 2011.

Imagine the situation: you are at home playing on your console and your friend calls you to come and play at home. Currently there is no easy way to recover your backup from the console. However, the recovery of a backup is an advantage for example in fighting games to unlock the characters. What to do?
Microsoft has listened to users and currently broadcasts an update that allows the player to use his Xbox Live account so that backups of their games are sent in the "cloud" (backup performed in Microsoft's servers). If the player is connecting from another console, it can repatriate his profile on the second console.


This option is limited for the moment to a few games, but should extend to the entire range of Xbox 360 games.

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