HTC ChaCha release

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The first Facebook phone is available for several days. The new HTC is the first to integrate the Facebook button on a smartphone with interesting features. A 2.6" screen with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, an internal capacity of 512 MB, ditto for RAM memory ,the possibility to extend the storage with microSD cards, a processor running at 800 MHz, an accelerometer , an internal GPS antenna and many other attractive features.

But the difference with other phones, is its button on the bottom of the device. A button adorned with the logo of the most popular social network, Facebook. Pressing this button will allow you to share content on Facebook. If you take a photo, a pressure and you send the photo on the social network, like a video or other content. The HTC ChaCha will also help you stay connected with your friends. Facebook is also integrated into Android, with specific widgets. Facebook activity is really present with announcement of app for Ipad and Application Store rumors.


I leave you with a video presentation.


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